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Springspeed Nationals

Springspeed Nationals

Shakespeare County Raceway

Meeting Order
Best Run

Nigel Payne
8.00 @ 164.56
Andy (Fred) Hone
7.45 @ 183.08

Peter Thompson
8.29 @ 163.76
Rob Smallworth
9.05 @ 155.81
Tim Mugridge
12.27 @ 110.33

Super Modified Championship Round Three
May 14th/15th 2011

Once again the faithfull five competitors that have contested the previous two rounds made the trip to Warwickshire for the Springspeed Nationals. They were Andy (Fred) Hone (1986 Ford Scorpio), Tim Mugridge (1968 Camaro), Nigel Payne (1962 Corvette), Rob Smallworth(1955 Chevy) and Peter Thompson (1968 Chevelle)

The season so far has been promising, and produced some personal bests and new E.T.and speed records, with early championship leaders Andy and Nigel having one final round win each under their belts.

With the weather always threatening to spoil things, and a crosswind to add to the atmosphere, championship leaders Nigel and Fred made it out for the first round of qualifying on Saturday morning. The Corvette had no traction at all on the launch in the right hand lane and spun the tyres instantly, a quick pedal found no improvement and Nigel coasted through to a 23.47. Fred took the left lane after witnessing this and had a little more success. The car hooked up but shook a little, Fred pedaled and got out of the groove by half track. A 7.66/180 for an early lead in qualifying was well deserved for a good driving job.

Round two saw the first side-by-side qualifiers as Nigel, in the left lane this time, lined up against the bright orange Camaro of Tim Mugridge. A squirrelly low traction 8.00 second pass from the corvette went almost unnoticed as in the other lane Tim suffered a huge nitrous burp which launched his bonnet scoop high into the air. Next up was Peter Thompson who had experienced a busy week with the transmission out of the Chevelle, and Rob Smallworth, fresh from running a new personal best in the '55 Chevy at the Big Bang a week earlier. Rob took the right hand lane and had a wild ride as the slicks failed to find any grip. He pedaled a few times but the back stepped out each time, getting him close to the guardrail at one point. A 9.1 at a slowing 111.05 was the result of all that effort. In the other lane Peter had a less dramatic time of it and clocked an 8.38/160 to move into third spot.
Fred managed to improve on his previous top spot with short shifts and pedaling exploiting the advantage of the clutch equipped cars to post a 7.45.

Back in the pits Tim announced that with a lot of repair work to undertake he would come out in the final round to break the start beams and roll through the quarter mile in order to ensure he would qualify. That third and final session began to look more and more unlikely after the Chaos Fuel Altered crash and dark clouds threatened to bring the day to an early close. But the call came at 15.45 and all five cars headed back to the pairing lanes. More hold ups and rain spots meant that over an hour later the first of the Sumo's still hadn't reached the start line. Peter lost traction at the start and got sideways in the Chevelle while Rob had another shaky ride ending in a 9.1. Fred failed to improve any further but still managed a respectable 7.55. Nigel again suffered severe tyre shake in the Corvette, shutting off to a 10.58. Tim ran the Camaro, without scoop, the length of the track to claim his qualifying points and close the session.

The final qualifying standings stood as;
1. Andy Hone - 7.45/183
2. Nigel Payne - 8.00/164
3. Peter Thompson - 8.38/160
4. Rob Smallworth - 9.05/155
5. Tim Mugridge - 12.27/110

Sunday began with some promising sunshine but the strong winds had brought some more clouds over by the time racing had begun.
Round one of eliminations saw Rob and Peter out on the track first. In the left lane Rob again suffered tyre shake, looking out of shape the whole length of the track, Peter advanced to the second round with his second new personal best of the year, an 8.29/163. Congratulations to Peter and crew. Fred got the bye run and again led the way with a 7.48/183.88. Finally Nigel and Tim lined up, the Camaro still scoopless. On the green light another big nitrous burp for Tim as Nigel overpowered the track again, but seeing that Tim was not in front at this point he pedaled it and got the win with a 9.89.

This gave Nigel a bye to the final in the next round which he played safe and trundled through in a sedate 17 seconds. The other semi saw Peter's meeting end as Fred laid down another impressive 7.55/183 to take his place in the final.

More spots of rain delayed the proceedings but eventually the two championship leaders made their way to the start line. The cars fired up and went through their burnout routines but it became apparent that all was not well with Fred's Scorpio as the crew were having to push him towards the staging beams. Nigel staged first and Fred followed but clutch problems meant that he could not hold the car and rolled through the beams lighting the red bulb on the tree as Nigel left on the green and shook and pedaled to an unexpected 9.7/152 win.

The Super Mods take a bit of a break now after a hectic month. The fourth round of the championship takes place at the Summer Nationals back at Santa Pod on June 25th/26th. We hope to see you there!

Chris Dossett





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