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SM68 Shakepeare County Raceway Report

The weekend for us started the day before everyone else as with our "bigger than the county" sized rig we decided to be there nice and early to make sure we had enough time to set the pit area and make changes to the car following the information we had learned form the Big Bang.

The morning of qualifying began and the first initial problem started. With being at Shakespeare County Raceway, we have to run all our electrical equipment on out little generator. As it turned out despite the generator working the day before we couldn't now get enough juice to work our air compressor to get the car off the jacks! Eventually we did get it off and being one crew man down that weekend we worked a little harder to get ready. We towed down to the start line and the pre run checks went without a hitch. Tim pulled a strong burnout and despite having to run around like a headless chicken I managed to get him straight and in his rubber tracks. Into pre stage and bringing up the revs alongside Nigel in the other lane both cars launched and I heard a loud BANG. The next thing I noticed was a flame out of the scoop, knowing our changes hadn't cured our new clutch setting I started to walk to the car. Then another BANG and the scoop went 20ft into the air, so then I started running and pushed the power off as soon as I could. I then quickly checked that the carbs were alright and then asked Tim if he was alright too.

Back into the pits and the problems had started mounting up. The problem with the generator had now melted several appliances including the laptop charger meaning we couldn't load any data. We decided that on the next run we would just drive up the track to put a time in and try to fix the problem in time for eliminations.

Come eliminations and we had a lot less clutch in it and we were paired once again with Nigel, a quick lane change and we were set. All looked good on the car other than the disappearance of a scoop. The revs went up and another flame out of the car but this time with no scoop it was a 10ft flame. Nigel shook in the other lane and pedalled away.

Overall the weekend was a slight disaster but congratulations to Nigel and his team as they went on to win the event. We will be making further changes to the car and hope to be back out again this season.

Nick Mugridge

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