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Boss Hoss Testing June '11

Report from the Classic Ford Show

Classic Ford Show @ Santa Pod
June 4/5th 2011

The Boss Hoss Mustang arrived at the track early on Saturday and the crew were put into action rebuilding the rear centre section, resetting the clutch, valve lash and timing. Over the winter we found that a digital (snap-on) timing light had been giving us erroneous timing figures, as much as 9 degrees over advanced ! That would explain the amount of pistons we used up over the last few laps!

An easy first pass (after a two year hiatus from driving) got us an 8.4 @140mph and massive wheel-spin on the hit. Back to the pits and Super crew (Lee, Myles, Rob and Vince) pulled the clutch and trans to find out where 4th gear had gone and to add more weight to the cf.
The next pass revealed less wheel-spin and higher speed but needed more clutch work.
Third pass and things are starting to come together, quicker and faster.

Sunday dawns with another new clutch tune-up and it was worth it too ! Better 60ft better Et / Speed and a little shake !! By the time Sunday 2pm comes around , its obvious that too many street tyres have been down the track and despite Ian's stout attention to the surface, it just isn't there.

Next time out will be at "The Mopar's " Hopefully quicker and faster again!

Thanks to the new team for their dedication and hard work.
Simon Farmer
See pictures and video from this test session on The Boss Hoss team page.

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