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SM1968 Easter Thunderball update

As in previous years, Easter has come around really quickly, despite being slightly later we found the deadline for the Thunderball was difficult to reach. Working all day and night on Thursday we finally arrived at the Pod about 10.00am Friday, once we had set up in the pits, we continued to finish jobs from the winter modifications.

The fuel cell and pump has been moved to the front, changing the position of the radiator, this still had to be flushed and tested, we continued to rivet the dzus fasteners to the new bonnet and scoop and finish connecting the new transmission. Once we fired the engine we found a oil leak from the accumulator, this was unfixable so we took it out of the system. Looking around Rob and Fred were still working on their cars, they both had tech inspections and were putting heads back on, so I wasn’t alone.

Its now time to put my first pass of the year in, new doors, scoop, bonnet, fuel system and transmission. I haven’t been in the chair since the National finals and at this time I was thinking  to myself is it all worth it. I pulled around into the fire up lane and at this point I knew it was worth all the effort and drag racing is the most exciting motorsport ever. I completed my burnout and then my first pass with an 8.34@161 mph, this was a new personal best and certainly a step in the right direction, The commentary called me Dave by mistake and I now seem to of adopted this new name by all my friends that listen to Eurodragster. (we had a good laugh about it all weekend).We then went to be weighed and the car has lost 80lbs, more to go but again a step in the right direction without resorting to a diet.

Everything new held up perfectly on the car, including the new front opening scoop that had my new L.G and  Dean & Wood log’s as they have been very generous and provided clothing for the team. this was also a credit to all those who have helped me with the car Steve, Mick, Brian, Fred, Gary and Dale  thank you

Moving through the qualifiers to the eliminations I gained lots of experience and had some good track time for myself and the crew, we are chipping away at the times and are working towards a 7 second party.


Peter Thompson


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